Bedrock Depot LLC

We are pleased to provide a variety of gourmet sandwiches, made to order just for you, fresh home made ice cream as well as coffee and espresso drinks.

Our patio, described by some as our front porch, is a very pleasant dining area. While you are waiting for your sandwiches to be made according to your specifications, we encourage you to browse our gift area for fossils, rocks, dinosaurs, books, and more.

You can also feel free to peruse any of notebooks on the counter describing Dinosaur National Monument and the surrounding area through pictures as well as text, maps, etc.

BedRock Depot will always strive to provide quality in every aspect of doing business and wants to be known far and wide as “The place to stop in Dinosaur, Colorado.” In fact, the goal is to be the best place to stop between the ski areas of Colorado and those of neighboring Utah. That’s the story so far. How are we doing? Feel free to give us your feedback in person, in our guest book, or an email note at
Thank you for your patronage and interest. Have a great day and come again.